Plate making with STRIP PLATE® 5 L and 13 KR in converting with electric heating plate

Plate making with STRIP PLATEŽ 5 L and 13 KR
The use of new and improved materials and the finish of the surface allow all our STRIP PLATEŽ spot coating plates to be machined and processed (cutting errors excepted) such that the plates go to the offset presses with 100% safety for the specified length of the print run and with high-grade coating.

The STRIP PLATEŽ is supplied with 80% adhesion, allowing print runs of more than 500,000
copies. If the plate is processed as described below, the adhesion can be improved by as much
as 95%.

Our plate making system STRIP PLATEŽ5 L and 13 KR is designed for a heater plate or a similar heat source which allows the plate to be heated to a constant temperature. After manual or mechanical cutting with the CAD plotter, the STRIP PLATEŽ is placed on the electric plate heater at +45° C and can be stripped immediately. The heating process reduces the tacking force to about half the machine-side tack, making stripping of the plate a great deal easier. The savings in time and labour compared with unheated plates are enormous and make this job an activity to enjoy.

After stripping, the plate is heated with the electric plate heater to a temperature of +60°C (the highest level in our plate heater) and covered with cardboard or similar to prevent heat loss. After one hour the adhesion is so strong that the PVC can no longer be stripped. Maximum adhesion is reached after about 90 minutes when the glue is hardened completely.

This adhesion hardening process allows very high print runs with all plate types and also permits the operator to install plates several times into the press.

Attention: The maximum heating temperature of the spot coating plate is +60°C, higher temperatures would damage the STRIP PLATEŽ. Our specially developed electric plate heater is locked at +60°C and so prevents overheating of the plate.

The electric plate heater is available in different sizes. It is made of a 10 mm impact-proof plate with aluminium top surface and a precision temperature control with a range of 0 - +85° C locking at +60° C.

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