2.) Cutting by hand  

The blue line FOTOCOAT helps to copy the images onto the plate with register accuracy. The FOTOCOAT system is supplied in two parts - the liquid in the bottle and the exact quantity of diazo powder in the plastic bag. Before use, add the diazo powder to the liquid, close the bottle and mix briefly by shaking.

Attention: The ready mixed liquid is heat sensitive and should be stored in a refrigerator. It can be used for approx. three months at +5° to +6°C, at room temperature not longer than a few days.

The ready mixed FOTOCOAT is applied onto the plates in thin and even layers using a cotton pad. Continue to spread until the plate is dry. The dry plate is then exposed in the exposure frame together with the copy; the exposure time is between 20 and 40 seconds.

After the exposure the plate is developed on a table using the FOTOCOAT DEVELOPER. Use a cotton pad moistened in ready mixed developer and evenly moistens the surface of the plate. Depending on the thickness of the coating, the image gradually becomes visible, turning grey or black. When the image is fully developed, wipe the surface dry with a cotton pad - do not wash!

Use a suitable knife (paper cutters with a rigid blade are best) to cut out, trims and strips the plastic sections which are to be left unvarnished.
To ease the stripping process, use a plate heater or another heat source. The heat causes the adhesion to drop from 80% to 40-50%, making stripping a great deal easier. After stripping the plate should be left covered on the heating plate for 1 - 1˝ hours at 60°C. After this period the adhesion increases to 95% and enhances the contact strength of the STRIP PLATEŽ.

Finally, use a brush to coat the cutting edges with our EDGE PROTECTION VARNISH. Normally, this is step is not required. Only when using UV varnishes with direct varnish application, the front edge should be sealed with our protective varnish to prevent the edge from swelling. The STRIP PLATEŽ is now ready for use.

Repair glue is available which can be used to attach small plastic segments back to the STRIP PLATEŽ. To do so, the glue should be applied on the clean, non-greased plate and allowed to cure briefly. Then press the missing plastic segment onto the plate. Since the adhesive reaction is quite slow, a hardening time of about one hour must be expected

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